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Pampoenmoes South African Food

Pampoenmoes  South African Food

Pumpkin is one of South Africa's most loved vegetables. Most eateries serve pumpkin and spinach as vegetable side dishes with principle suppers and all moms get it for their families. There are numerous manners by which you can serve the colossal assortments of pumpkin accessible like butternut squash, herbert squash, "boer" pumpkin or red pumpkin, to specify only a couple. 

Not a wide range of pumpkin are in season and therefor accessible all as the year progressed, so you need to utilize the one that is in season at a specific time. The most widely recognized and fastest approach to plan pumpkin is to bubble it shortly of water, season daintily with salt and include some cinnamon. Else you can blend the pumpkin with flour, salt and egg and prepare "pampoenkoekies" shortly of oil, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and serve warm. 

Another most loved formula from times passed by, a genuinely customary South African formula, is "pampoenmoes". You can either heat this in the stove or bubble it shortly of water in a pot. This is a formula worth attempting: 


8 cuts of white bread 


Apricot stick 

2 measures of pumpkin (1 butternut squash ought to do. Cut daintily) 





1. Margarine the bread on the two sides and spread apricot stick as an afterthought looking up. Place one layer in a stove verification glass dish, stick looking up. 

2. Cut the pumpkin meagerly, season softly with salt and place over the bread. 

3. Combine the sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over the pumpkin. 

4. Rehash this until the point that all the pumpkin and bread is spent, completing with a layer of pumpkin. Spot a couple of additional coagulations of margarine on the best. 

5. Prepare for 45 minutes to a hour in a pre-warmed broiler of 180°C 

Serve the pumpkin hot with vegetables and perhaps an exquisite chicken dish, possibly a pie? This is an incredible dish to attempt and inspire your companions with. It is anything but difficult to make, so attempt it and see what happens!

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