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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are two sorts of individuals on the planet: the individuals who adore chocolate, and communists." - Leslie Moak Murray 

I can't resist the urge to love that statement. When I was a child, my grandpa dependably called any locally acquired treats that by one means or another made it into the house "Commie treats." For him, it was Grandma's hand crafted treats or none by any stretch of the imagination. 

There's simply something extraordinary about custom made treats, particularly chocolate chip treats, so far as I'm concerned. It's an awesome family action, something even youngsters can help with, and everybody cherishes eating the outcomes. 

Here's a simple formula for chocolate chip treats I think you'll appreciate: 

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

1 bundle spread pecan, chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, villain's sustenance, German, chocolate or yellow cake blend 

1/2 container spread or margarine - relaxed 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

2 eggs 

1/2 container slashed nuts 

1 (6 ounce) bundle semisweet chocolate chips (1 container) 

Warmth stove to 350؛. Join half of the dry cake blend , margarine, vanilla and eggs in huge bowl and blend until smooth. Mix in outstanding cake blend, nuts and chocolate chips. 

Drop batter by adjusted teaspoonfuls around 2 inches separated onto ungreased treat sheet. Prepare 10 to 12 minutes or until the point that edges are set (focuses will be delicate). Cool 1 minute; expel from treat sheet to wire rack.