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Duck Breast Prosciutto

Duck Breast Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a customary part of charcuterie in French cooking. Just, it is cured meat which is then cured and developed further by drying in air - leaving a superb, strongly seasoned butchery item. Cut daintily, and presented with great, solid nation style mustard, dried foods grown from the ground bread, it is an incredible lunch or part of a late pre-winter supper. 

Most prosciutto is made with pork. The formula which takes after is made with moulard duck bosom. Moulard is a duck raised for foie gras, and its meat is commonly more tasty than local pekin, while not as tough as wild mallard. 

The magret is the flap, or half bosom of the moulard duck (each duck will have two magrets, or one full bosom). 

Moulard Magret Prosciutto 

Salt/Spice Cure: 

Proportion: This is an essential piece of any cured meat formula. The salt proportion is particularly essential, the zest and garlic proportion which takes after less so. Measure you duck bosoms and salt deliberately. 

Per pound of Magret: (i.e., salt per <i>weight</i> of duck meat) 

.7 OZ salt for every pound of duck magret 

Per Magret: (i.e., curing flavors per <i>unit</i> of duck magret) 

10 juniper berries 

½ straight leaf, smashed 

1 tsp coriander seed 

10 dark peppercorns 

1 clove garlic 

Pound to medium-fine juniper, cove leaf, coriander, peppercorns and garlic in mortar and pestle. Include salt and blend altogether. 

Each Magret: Place vast square plastic wrap on counter. Place Magret on wrap and place ½ of blend on Magret, skin side, spreading so it coats equitably. Turn over and rehash with tissue side. Move wrap up firmly and seal edges and rehash for up to week by week require. Cure under refrigeration for 24 hours. 

Air Cure: 

Wipe cure off meat – don't wash. Place Magret on extensive square of cheesecloth and wrap cheesecloth around Magret, guaranteeing cheesecloth completely covers meat. Place twine around Magret and secure Magret as though it were a meal, leaving a 6" bit of twine free toward one side. Hang in dry cooler at 38F for two weeks. Expel from cheesecloth, wrap in plastic and cut in paper-thin cuts at benefit, solidifying if needs be to acquire thin cuts (the solidifying firms up the duck bosom, making it simpler to cut daintily).