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"Melkkos", another South African great

"Melkkos", another South African great

"Melkkos" is one of my most loved dishes ever. I do sincerely not comprehend what it is brought in English, but rather on the off chance that I needed to interpret it, it would be something like drain sustenance. It is a dish with its principle fixing being milk, to which you include some flour and spread. 

It is an incredible customary dish that can be delighted in lasting through the year. Attempt it in the winter, it warms you up from within! Nothing tastes more pleasant than a bowl of "melkkos", sprinkled with cinnamon sugar on the best. 

What can be more pleasant, I ask all of you! On the off chance that you have never attempted it, I would state the time has come. 


1 measure of flour 

1/2 tablespoons of hard margarine 

A squeeze of salt 

2 1/some drain 


1. Rub the margarine in with the flour, utilizing your fingers. Include the salt and blend some more. 

2. Expedite the drain to the heat up the stove and include the spread and flour blend a smidgen at any given moment. 

3. Turn the warmth directly down and let it bubble for around 5 minutes. Ensure you blend the blend frequently. 

4. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the best and appreciate it warm! 

You won't be disillusioned with this formula. Attempt and appreciate. Trust me, you will.